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South America Nightlife top 10

To some night life when travelling is as important as daylight activities, indeed many friends are made and relationships formed when the sun goes down, so… here are my top 10 South American night-life spots. Help me complete the last 2 with your picks!

1)    D-EDGE – Sao Paulo: Rio has beaches and Lapa but for serious clubs Rio is left lagging being Sampa, and 1st in our entry of SaoPaulo clubs is D-EDGE Perhaps one of the most unique clubs on the continent, neon lights surround the club in an LED style from ceiling to floor, all coloured and moving perfectly to the music. Top Djs from around the world can be found here on the pulsating weekends, Monday nights as well are a particular highlight when the club hosts indie and rock mash up nights.

2)    LAPA – Rio de Janiero: possible the most fun place on the list, loads of bars, people drinking and dancing outside and some famous Brazilian hospitality make this a must do nightlife spot in this continent. Lapa has a dangerous reputation in the day but at night it becomes a awesome party spot every night of the week. If it rains nothing happens, its all about partying outside here.

3)    GOTICA – Lima: Located in the larcomar shopping centre overlooking the sea this is one of Limas biggest and most expensive nightclubs, but for music it is certainly one of the best in Lima if not the continent.  From the point of view of a man it also has the most beautiful women in the continent, it gets very crowded on the weekend but there is a terrace outside where you can cool down while enjoying views over the ocean. An absolute must do if spending the weekend in Lima.

4)   FULL MOON PARTY – The Point Mancora: Started as a anniversary for the hostel, but soon this event became one of the best clubbing events in Peru. The whole town descends on the Hostel for a night of drinking, dancing and partying under the bright white moon above. This is a must for anyone who heads to Mancora. The atmosphere here is one of warmth and friendliness as everyone is here to have a good time and party!

5)   LOVE STORY – Sao Paulo: This place is pure madness and not for the faint hearted! This place does not get busy on weekends until after 3am and anything goes here, Layo and Bushwacker even named one of their tunes about this place. The music is load, drinks and entrance insanely expensive but once in anything goes, its all Sex, Drugs and fun here.

6)   PACHA BA – Buenos Aires:  BA has some of the biggest and best clubs on the continent, and Pacha brought the big brand from Ibiza to this ornate city. Saturday nights are best.

7)   MIRRADOR HOSTEL – Taganga: A strange one to the list maybe but there is always a awesome party on the rooftop bar which goes on all night overlooking the bay, beautiful Colombian girls and guys and a few travellers pack the terrace, music is a bit hit and miss but the location and people make up for this.

8)   ROUTE 36 –  La Paz: Certainly an experience to be had in South America. The rumour is that this place moves every 4 weeks to miss detection (it doesn’t) dodgy money changing hands in smoke filled rooms is what keeps this place open.  Being served cocaine at your table is certainly an interesting experience if not to everyone’s taste.

9) Million – Buenos Aires Coolest bar in the city, restaurant by day and bar by night.



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The Gocta Falls

Many of us have undoubtedly met someone who has done something that was “not even in lonely planet” or “so local” but the Gocta Falls in Peru are certainly something that can be considered off the beaten track.  The falls are 771 meters (2,529 feet) high and located in Chachapoyas and actually not that arduous a task to reach.

Debate has raged over whether they are the 3rd highest or whether a two tier waterfall should not be counted as one, nevertheless the falls are one of the most spectacular sights in Peru and relatively easy to reach. The most bizarre thing about this natural wonder is that it only came to light in 2005 after a German working for the portable Amazon water company found it while hiking in the region.

Tours are now being arranged by companies from the nearby village of Cocachimba in the district of San Pablo, to take in the surrounding area and the falls itself, the falls are a 6 hour hike from the nearby village along the walk you can enjoy the scenery rich with toucans, hummingbirds, and monkeys; and end with a refreshing dip in the waterfall’s pool.

According to local legend, the waterfall is home to a beautiful blonde mermaid, who keeps a golden bowl guarded by a giant serpent. The reason it was not discovered was because locals kept its location secret for fear of provoking the serpent if it was discovered.

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